Dec. 09, 2016 (USA) PG-13
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Spectral (2016)

Uma equipe de operações especiais é despachada para uma inesperada missão: lutar contra seres sobrenaturais agressivos que tomaram a cidade de Nova Iorque e ameaçam a sobrevivência de todos os humanos


A special-ops team is dispatched to fight supernatural beings that have taken over a European city.

User Reviews

Didn’t learn about this movie till a week before it was released, and based on the previews alone I was thoroughly excited. The preview gave it a “Final Fantasy: Spirits Within” feel to it; however, while watching it with the same expectation I also had a feel to another blockbuster “Aliens.” Both movies I loved for my own reason, and felt this movie pulled those reason into one to make this, so two thumbs up.

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Classificação do IMDb 7.7 48 votos
Classificação do TMDb 7 13 votos

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